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Creative Mother Kate from A Playful Day

Have you heard about The Maker’s Year? When I came across it, quite by accident through an Instagram hashtag — #themakersyear — I followed the hashtag trail and it led me to the creative and inspiring Kate from A Playful Day, what a lovely surprise, indeed! A few months back Kate interviewed Melanie Barnes and I (read it […]

Creative Mother: Sophie Isobel Asher

I have a beautiful interview with writer, artisan, stylist and designer Sophie Isobel Asher to share with you today. Sophie is a woman of many talents and careful reflection. She has always lived a creative, passionate life, but pursuing her interests and living an intentional life became her centre after a life-changing event. Sophie’s story […]

Creative Mother: Artist Erin Wetzel

It’s obvious I love doing interviews, showcasing other’s special talents, whether these are creative talents, parenting talents or otherwise. It’s hard to know where to start with Erin Wetzel. Erin is an illustrator and portrait artist living in Washington state with her young family. She is certainly a talented artist, with a unique and humble […]

Meet Creative Mother: Peta of Sapling

Each creative mother I interview for the blog inspires me in some way, whether it’s how they’ve pursued a dream, crafted a creative life for their family, are living close to nature or are a role model in some other way. Peta Stinson is a lovely business woman I met through Instagram a few years […]

Hey Mama: A community for creative mothers

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a Linked In for creatives (but, maybe one with better aesthetics)? A community of creative mothers who share your interests but also share your experience of balancing motherhood while pursuing a creative career? A space where you can find friends and potential collaborators, but also be discovered yourself? Well, […]

Creative Mother Kaity Ferrell

Today I am launching a new series of interviews with creative mothers. Mothers who have started their own business, mothers who are artists, mothers who live a creative lifestyle. These are women whose passions line up with the work they do each day. The thing about passions is the you have that feeling that the energy […]