Summer Trip : Part 1 – Getting to NYC

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting photos from our trip to the north eastern United States. The posts are intended to be a little record of our travels for Ro and Sen to look back on when they are older (because I’m not going to kid myself into thinking I’ll have the time […]

The Stop and Start of Minimalism

Stop spending.  Start saving. Stop filling.  Start emptying. Stop holding.  Start giving. Stop consuming.  Start conserving. Stop buying.  Start living… [ Words by Amanda Rose Gregory -> Read the interview with her here ]    You might also like my post: Social Media Minimalism Interview with a Minimalist: Claudia Ecominimalism: Talking with Robin Kay How to […]

Photo by @lillalinaea

Slow Living Project: Create, take 2

What a beautiful month it was for the Slow Living Project, with our focus word ‘create’ there were so many inspired moments shared through the #slowliving_create hashtag — over 3200 in fact! The images were not only beautiful, but more importantly captured the spirit of creativity and creation in a slow and intentional way : slowly […]

Interview with a Minimalist: Nora of Inconnu Lab

Minimalism needs a discussion of class. So that we can talk about it and then divorce the two. The reality is that for many people living in an affluent circumstance minimalism is an easy, comfortable and (cringe) trendy lifestyle choice. “I could choose to have a lot or a little. But it’s my choice!” I […]

Tropic of Candycorn Interview Erynn Montgomery Travel with Kids

On New Years Resolutions, Yoga, Self-Care and Travel

Since my early twenties I haven’t been much into New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions, yes. But once a year, on a specific date, no. When I was practicing yoga intensely in my early twenties I found an excellent studio, at the time it was one of only two in town that offered a holistic approach to […]